Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More Movies

Enoch was Frankenstein's Monster for Halloween. We chose that because of his very monster-like walk.

He had his first birthday on Tuesday the 6th but we're not having his party until the 10th. We had him open one of his presents anyway.


Has anyone heard from Brian? Does he know about the blog? Is he still part of our family? Is he married yet? Does he still live in Logan?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

An Autumn Update

Hello Family! Carl and I have been neglectful of our duty to keep everyone informed of our lives. It's so fun to see that little Joseph and Enoch! Here are some pictures of things we've been up to in the past couple months (all crazily out of order as I am still a blogging nitwit). . .

Carl was Ichabod Crane in the American Fork Arts Council's production of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He is SO GOOD at that role, and the director told me she would die if he doesn't do it again next year. So, these are just some stage photos of Carl doing what he does best :)
Ichabod with his pathetic horse, Gunpowder.
This is quite possibly my favorite thing Carl does.

Carl and I hosted our second annual Fall Harvest Feast at the cabin on October 19th. This is a picture of most of the people who came. Look behind Kelli's head and you can see the bigger of her twins, Allison (hanging upside down). This was a GREAT party and everyone loved it and we ate food that was partially from our garden and we played that old cousin Dan favorite, "Monkey's back, baby's cradle, bird on a perch"
In the end of September, Carl and I took a backpacking trip in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We hiked six miles from the Butler Fork trailhead to Lake Desolation. Three miles in, it started raining on us. . . then hailing on us. It let up in the evening and made for some BEAUTIFUL lighting!

I like the picture above because of the shadows cast on those mountains by the clouds. The light was SO COOL!
Here is the benefit of the rain. . . the sunset over Lake Desolation.

It hailed again during the night, and I stuck my camera outside to take a picture of the hailstones.

Here we are waking up in our awesome tent and sleeping bags.

The next morning was beautiful. Look at those aspen trees!

We've been climbing at a bouldering gym for about 2 months now. I'm pretty embarrassed to show you these pictures because they were taken when we were very new to climbing. We climb harder things now, but this gives you an idea of what it's like.
Carl now climbs advanced bouldering problems. . . the equivalent of a 5-12 or 13 in harness climbing.

Some happy cherry tomatoes from our garden!
By the way, we had a huge watermelon (probably 15 pounds) that we were waiting to harvest at just the right moment. We came one morning to get it, and someone had stolen it along with ALL of our white bell peppers and zuccini!! I think we're done with community gardens.
Another picture from our backpacking trip.

Also from our backpacking trip. Maybe you can see the rain pouring down (upper right corner)?

So that is our lives lately. I decided to work at the VA hospital on their post-surgical floor rather than at the University Hospital because the manager at the VA is giving me every Sunday day shift off so I can do my RS calling. He is cool. Anyway, the VA has WAY better benefits.

Carl and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica in February. We're going to hit the National Parks there (including one that is a coral reef system all in the ocean!) and take a zip-line canopy tour through the rainforest! I have to pay off my student debt first, and then save up a little more.

Carl will pass out if he finds out I wrote this on our blog, but we're trying to become "with child". My reproductive system is really wierd, so just pray for us that it will all work out.

Oh yeah! We are planning on going down to St. George to visit Grandpa and Aunt Una Loy on the 15th or 16th through the 18th of November. Grandpa told us about this really cool slot canyon in Kanarraville we're going to go try out. If anyone wants to come, we have two spots in our car.

Love you!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Before the move, we did have a chance to celebrate Halloween a little. Joseph experimented with being Elmo and a mardi gras participant, but ultimately settled on a giraffe (picture not on computer yet).

Well, we're in Hillsboro. In two weeks, I found out I had a job in Portland, quit my old job, moved my family to Robin's house in Hillsboro, and had an overnight work trip my first day. It was harrowing, exciting, and exhausting.

I love the new job. It is exactly what I was looking for (a chance to use my training to help regular people). As a pulic servant, I have taken the necessary vow of poverty. We are exploring housing options. We'd like to buy, but we'll have to see what's possible based on my salary.

In the mean time, we are having a fun time with Robin and Briton. Joseph and Talmage really get along well together and do a lot to entertain each other. There are some challenges associated with getting Joseph and Talmage accustomed to sleeping in the same room and synchronizing bed-time. To further complicate things, Joseph climbed out of his crib for the first time today when he was done with his nap. Because he was so quiet, I didn't know until I noticed the time and went in to check. He had emptied all of the wipes containers onto the floor and carefully distributed all the diapers in the room in a random pattern on the floor. We're not sure what this development means yet as far as shared sleeping quarters.
We hope all is well with the rest of you.