Monday, September 15, 2008

Isaac is becoming a person! He is starting to smile at us and act like he knows who we are. His eyes are getting better too. He's starting to follow us with his eyes when we walk around the room.

We are carefully monitoring his growth. Joseph got tired of waiting for us to restart swimming

lessons so he took measures into his own hands. He takes water safety very seriously.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After we came back from Utah...

Things took off quickly as soon as we got home. Chase started school the very next day and I had to start figuring out fun things to do to keep Enoch entertained again (a task gratefully relinquished to family members while in Utah). Before we get much more into it I wanted to post this cute picture of Enoch at his first swimming pool...yeah, he's pretty happy. One day while Chase was mudding the entrance to the kitchen it got very quiet except for a few giddy squeaks here or there. We looked over and found Enoch up to his elbows in the sheetrocking mud, VERY proud too. That was after we'd stripped him down from getting into the bowl of mudding water. As we've been remodeling I've discovered a more convenient and aerobic way to paint the walls.

Among the work we've found time to play. We took Enoch to the beach of Lake Champlain where Chase taught him how to go under water. We went as a ward so Enoch got the opportunity to terrorize the little girls a year older than him. He chased the brunette around the beach for a while eliciting tears from the girl but snickers from the parents. Later that week I took the Booger to Shelburne Farms where he chased chickens around for HOURS quickly learning he could dominate in the relationship. Through it all Enoch has developed DRASTICALLY in his verbal skills (over-dramatized wink). He's learning his colors while expressing his artistic side through a variety of mediums.

The Champlain Valley Fair opened August 25th and we were ready and waiting! The boy was thrilled to be able to experience his first rides (Enoch was pretty excited too)...

...I think. He was sad to get off the Mary-Go-Round but only because he didn't know we were going on... the "Spinning Dragons" next!

Followed by the KKK sheep and...


Labor Day weekend we took off for a camping/sailing adventure. We took our little sailboat out for her maiden voyage (as far as WE were concerned). We motored to an island in Lake Champlain, set up camp and wallowed in the joys of S'mores! Enoch is an awesome little camper. The next day was six hours of windless sailing. It was a beautiful day, turned out to be the last day that warm this year. Mmm-mmm-mmm! Noth'n like sitting on a boat with nowhere to go, relaxing reggae in the background and a toddler who loves to stay in the cabin! Last night as we were about to take Enoch upstairs to go to bed we asked for our usual "Goodnight Kiss." Enoch puckered his lips and held out his chin walking first to Chase, then to me and immediately to the banister at the bottom of the stares. To which he promptly gave a kiss and headed up the stairs for bed. Apparently there is a secret love between him and the banister. Here is the Boog playing you some songs as we bid you all farewell.