Monday, February 25, 2008


This was Chase's Birthday celebration at school.

This is Chase playing hockey.

This is Enoch wearing his "Duck Man" cape, which is actually a towel. He parades around the house in it after bath.

Last week Chase and I went to a furniture store, "Buck's Furniture," a name that screams class and quality. It was a one-and-a-half hour drive to Wolcott Vermont when we finally saw the big brown warehouse-like buildings. We got out of the car and while collecting our child I locked the car with the door still open (like a often do) and promptly shut the door behind us. Being the exceptionally astute person I am I immediately gasped and covered my mouth in horror as I realized I had locked the keys in the the middle of nowhere. We rolled our eyes and headed for the door of the furniture store but only after passing a man dressed in a moose costume clearly in an attempt to attract customers on the lonely stretch of highway. We opened the door to a quaint, country consignment-type shop and were greeted by an electronic wax figure of an old man dressed in overalls and a straw hat. "Welcome to Buck's Furniture!" bellowed a prerecorded voice from the mechanical creature, "It may be hard to believe that over 50 years ago this store was . . ." It seemed a bit questionable but it was a furniture sale that couldn't be beat. Following our sales person through the dizzying maze of stairs, ramps and hallways we found what we were looking for, just passed the lamps whose stems were a pair of fishnet clad legs topped with a red shade (something you'd only see in "The Christmas Story,"...and Wolcott Vermont). We had accomplished what we had come for, but still had the daunting task of getting back into our car. (If you had just picked up the story at that sentence, we'd sound like a bunch of retards). Lucky for us, if medical school doesn't work out for Chase, he'll have an excellent future in the business of auto theft. He unlocked the car with a coat hanger, apparently that's all you need to break into our car, so now you know. We finalized out purchase in the customer lounge which was great, doughnuts, nachos, juice, hot chocolate that tasted like the store smelled, etc. While we were there we got two free tickets to one of the ski resorts here in Vermont, courtesy of 92.9 "The Bee." We haven't gone yet, but now I'll have a chance to compare the Vermont snow to Utah snow (Chase says there's no comparison, Utah is by far better).
Yes Vermont is beautiful but not without it's bizarre-eties